Movies and TV shows are what I know best.
In fact, I dedicated my career to them.

Whether I’m making movies or writing about them, it’s all about style and giving you the best info, great scoops, feel-good content, and filling you in on the latest news. Love a good movie review? Me, too. That’s why I aim to please.

With an eye to the future and a goal of directing big-budget films, along with writing and producing, you can bet I live and breathe the entertainment industry. It’s been a love of mine for as long as I can remember.

I love to explore everything industry-related when it comes to movies, movie reviews, scripted TV, and more. So, whether I’m talking about the story itself or the filmmaker, or even looking at the topic with the eye of a film critic, I use journalistic integrity, but add in personality and passion.

On my blog and YouTube channel, you’ll get a well-rounded look at movies and television in a way that’s both interesting and entertaining. Buckle in – it’s going to be a fun ride.

With a background in visual arts and graphic design, I found myself adding web development and photography to my creative endeavors. I became a full-time freelancer, and after much hard work, sacrifices, and many prayers, I gained celebrity clientele, had my work published, and became a red carpet photographer.

Entertainment and visual storytelling are part of my fabric. It was in graduate school that I finally put the pieces together and realized my path was drawing me toward filmmaking all along. Add in journalism, and you get a balanced perspective in understanding bias and what’s news versus opinion.

Stories influence culture and how we see the world. There’s value in discussing content whether a movie or TV show is an amazing masterpiece or a complete mess. Discussion encourages thought.

My ambition is to make an impact in the entertainment field and develop material that gets people talking while entertaining them. Whether you’re obsessed with finding out if Carole Baskins killed her husband, a Star Wars fan, or you’re House Lannister, my blog and YouTube channel are for you!

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